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Life-threatening Covid-19,
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OECD data

Unemployment rate


‘”Labor underutilization indicator” issued by ROK

Effects on everyday life


Survey by Prof. Myung Soon Yoo of
Seoul National University Graduate School of Health.

Your participation helps to create a safer future.

Coronavirus has greatly impacted our daily lives, and the world is still facing uncertainty.
By parcipating in SHINE research, you are helping to make meaningful changes.
Your data helps to develop technology in response to a pandemic crisis.
Help us by making a safer future. Be a part of future that “SHINE”.
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SHINE is a research conducted by KT, Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation and four participating organizations including hospitals, research institutes and tech companies. It is a healthcare research aimed to develope AI-based algorithm that predicts the risk of the infectious virus spreading in our society such as coronavirus.

Need your participation!

Downloaing the SHINE app and input your symptoms and coronavirus test results. The Self-Checker will assist you (indivisuals ages 14 and older) on deciding whether and when to seek testing if you have come into close contact with someone who has coronavirus based on your symptoms and location data.
Your symptom and location data helps to develop the technology.

SHINE provides helpful information

When you have symptoms,

Start coronavirus

When you suspect contracting coronavirus, try SHINE symptom-based
and location-based self-checker.
If you had your PCR test, record your test result!

SHINE provides useful information

National & International

World coronavirus

Coronavirus disease situation dashboard presentsdaily counts of
coronavirus cases and deaths, vaccination status worldwide.

SHINE provides a handy feature

Have you been vaccinated?

Covid-19 vaccine

Enter your vaccination history and post-vaccination health condition .
Check common vacciation symptoms by age group and product.

SHINE Resesarch Consortium

The consortium consists of KT, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
hospitals, research institutes and healthcare tech companies.

Frequently asked questions

Q      What is SHINE Research?

SHINE is a healthcare research aimed to develope AI-based algorithm that predicts the risk of an individual’s likelihood contracting coronavirus based on their symptom and location data, and the virus’s spread in our society.

Q      Why do I need to participate in SHINE Research?

Research is key to mitigating the impacts of coronavirus across the healthcare system and society. To develop prediction algorithm, it requires a massive data set of patient’s symptoms and relevant health data.

Q      Who is involved in SHINE Research?

With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SHINE Research is conducted by KT, Professor Kim Woo-joo’s Infectious Diseases team from Korea University Guro Hospital, Korea Institute of Science and Information, Mobile Doctor, and Medibloc.

Q      Why do I need to give consent to access location-based service of my phone? How is my personal information protected?

Respiratory infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are transmitted through human contact, so a track of coronavirus confirmed patient and whether or not they’ve visited infectious area becomes a crucial information. All data is de-identified, securely managed and only used for reasearch purpose.

Q      Can I enter data when I don't have any symptoms?

As SHINE requires to collect authentic data, you don’t need to enter symptom data if you don’t have any. If you had your vaccine or PCR test, please record the results and any side-effects you had.

Q      How do I provide a PCR test result if I'm in a quaratine facility or a treatment center?

You can upload a photo of any proof of admission that shows your name, registration number. (e.g., admission form, confirmation of release from a quarantine facility etc).

Q      Is it possible to withdraw from the reasearch?

A participant can leave a research study at any time. You can withdraw from ‘Change your Membership’ in the setting. Once you withdraw your participation, all reward points in the SHINE app will be expired. No data will be further collected, but the previous data will be used for the study.

Q      Can I participate in the reasearch multiple times?

Yes. After redeeming your points with a giftcard, you can retake the research and collect reward points.


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