SHINE(Study of Health Information for Next Epidemic) project aims to curve the spread of infectious disease in our society by developing an AI-based prediction algorithm using telecomunication and health data collected from a mobile self-checker app called SHINE.
In addition, KT works with hospitals and professional digital healthcare companies to conduct the reseasrch. All consortium organizations participating in the SHINE project are doing their best to protect people’s health by minimizing the spread of respiratory infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


Korea University Guro Hospital

• Operates respiratory infectious disease monitoring system.
• Analyses the spread of influenza and flu-vaccine effects.

Mobile Doctor

• Develops and operates healthcare mobile application.
• Develops AI algorithm to analyse the risk of influenza infection.


• Develops and operates blockchain system that safeguards participants’s data.

Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

• Develops a model for predicting the inflow of infectious diseases from abroad into Korea.

Our Vision


We collaborate with professionals and experts from different industres to achieve best results.


We pursue research integrity by developing a reliable technology using good quality data source.


We designed the app simply and intuitively to help the users. Based on the user’s responses, SHINE provides helpful recommendations and resources.

Contact Information

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