COVID-19 Self-check Data

All data is based on voluntary records from SHINE app users and does not guarantee accuracy; responsibility for the use of this data lies with the user.


  • This is the self-check data for COVID-19 collected from the SHINE mobile app. It includes information entered by SHINE app users during self-checks, as well as COVID-19 PCR test results and records of COVID-19 vaccination. This is the data that has been anonymized from the collected data.
  • There was no limit to the number of times you can use self-check and PCR test results records in the mobile app. Therefore, each user may have multiple self-check data sets, and the data published includes the input data from the self-check date closest to the PCR test date within 7 days before and after the PCR test.

Information for variables

It has 12,656 rows and 21 columns, and the columns contain information of the following five types.

1. User Information

Column Name Description Example
age_group Age group 30
gender Gender M

2. Health status Information

Column Name Description Example
underlying_disease Presence of underlying disease Y
smoking Smoking status N

3. covid-19 Test Information

Column Name Description Example
pcr_date COVID-19 PCR Test Date 2022-03-02
pcr_result COVID-19 PCR Test Result P

4. Vaccination Information

Column Name Description Example
dose_1_date First dose date 2021-01-21
dose_1_type First dose vaccine type AZ
dose_2_date Second dose date 2021-02-22
dose_2_type Second dose vaccine type Pfizer
dose_3_date Third dose date 2021-03-23
dose_3_type Third dose vaccine type Janssen
dose_4_date Fourth dose date 2021-04-24
dose_4_type Fourth dose vaccine type Moderna

Unentered information by the user is marked with a dash (-).

5. Symptom Information

Column Name Description Example
selfcheck_date Self check Date 2022-02-10
fever Fever status Y
fever_temp Body temperature 38
fever_period Duration of Fever 3D
symptom Type of symptoms occurred 2`3
group_infection_area Visit to outbreak area V
selfcheck_reason Reason for Self-check 1`5

Basic Information of the Data

User Information

1. Gender


Value Description
M Male
F Female

2. Age group


Age groups are represented by numbers. For example, 20 means ages 20-29. The exception is that 10 represents ages 14-19 and 70 represents all ages 70 and over.

Underlying Disease Information

1. Underlying Disease


Value Description
Y Underlying disease present
N No underlying disease

* Underlying conditions: diabetes, hypertension, chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic cerebrovascular disease, neuromuscular disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, dialysis, chronic liver disease, cancer, blood cancer, bone marrow transplant, organ transplant, autoimmune/rheumatic diseases, immunosuppressive drug administration.

2. Smoking


COVID-19 Test Information

1. PCR Test Result


Value Description
P Positive
N Negative

2. PCR Test result by date


Vaccination Information

1. Vaccination date


2. Vaccination by dose


3. Vaccine type


Value Description
Pfizer Pfizer
Moderna Moderna
AZ AstraZeneca
Novavax Novavax
Janssen Janssen
Symptom Information

1. Self-check date


2. Fever status


Value Description
Y Has fever
N No fever

3. Body Temperature


* Distribution of values excluding 0 (unanswered)

Value Description
0 Not entered
Numeric value body temperature

* The fever temperature is a value manually entered by the user.

4. Duration of fever

Value Description
N Not entered
1D 1 day
2D 2 day
3D 3 day
4D 4 day


5. Types of symptoms

Value Description
0 No symptoms
1 Cough
2 Chest pain
3 Muscle pain
4 Eye redness
5 Fatigue
6 Headache
7 Dry cough
8 Body rash
9 Loss of taste
10 Constipation
11 Diarrhea
12 Shortness of breath
13 Chills
14 Sore throat
15 Loss of appetite
16 Blisters around the lips
17 Lips turning blue
18 Sneezing
19 Runny nose
20 Coughing up blood
21 Loss of smell
22 Other

Separated by ` for multiple selections.

6. Whether visited outbreak area


Value Description
NV Not visited
V Visited
DK Don’t know

7. Reason for Self-check

Value Description
1 One’s own judgment
2 Self-quarantine
3 Before self-quarantine release
4 Symptomatic
5 Contact with public health center or emergency alert message
6 Overseas traveler
7 Preemptive testing
8 Close contact with a confirmed case
9 Contact with a person who entered from overseas
10 Visited area of outbreak